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Bayfidan® EC 250

Bayfidan is a systemic fungicide belonging to the azole group. After spraying, the product is quickly taken up by plants and translocate within the plant. Because of this systemic activity, Bayfidan is less affected by rainfall or irrigation than contact type fungicides. Bayfidan has a protective, curative, and eradicative effect. The product is highly effective against powdery mildew, rust, and various leaf spot diseases, being registered in many different crops across the world.

Recommendations and rates of use

TomatoPowdery Midlew (Erysiphe cichoracearum, Sphaerotheca fuliginea) 60 cm3/100 l7 days
Consult the local label/distributor
How to apply:
foliar application For Vegetables use 600-800 lit /ha
For fruit tree use 800 – 1000 lit /ha
Common Name:
Bayfidan 250 Emulsifiable concentrate containing 250g a.i/l Triadimenol
Mode of action:
Triadimenol affects the functions of cellular membrane in fungi; it is affect Sterol biosynthesis in membranes, (C14-demethylase in sterol biosynthesis)
Modern Agricultural Development Company
WHO classification:
Active ingredient: moderately hazardous
Product: slightly hazardous


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