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Proteus® OD 110

Proteus is a foliar insecticide with broad spectrum efficacy in a wide range of crops. With the combination of the two different active ingredients, Proteus combines a fast knockdown effect with long-lasting residual control. Proteus is part of the O-TEQ formulation family with excellent biological efficacy based on a formulation that ensures optimized retention, rain- fastness and penetration activity.

Formulation type:
Thiacloprid + Deltamethrin
Proteus OD 110 is an oil dispersion containing Deltamethrirn 10 g a.i./l + Thiacloprid 100 g a.i./l
Acute Oral toxicity:
LD50 Rats > 1000 mg/kg
Acute - Dermal toxicity:
LD50 Rats > 4000 mg/kg
WHO classification:
Active ingredient: slightly hazardous
Product: slightly hazardous
Mode of action:
Thiacloprid acts as an agonist of the nicotine acetylcholine receptor in the central nervous system thus disturbing the proper synaptic signal-transmission which lead to a disorder of the nervous system cause finally to the death of the insect. Deltamethrin is an acute contact and stomach poison, with systemic properties. It acts by blocking the sodium channel at cellular level leading to paralysis and very fast knockdown.

Recommendations and rates of use

CottonJassids525 ml/feddan30 days
CottonLeaf miners525 ml/feddan30 days
PotatoLeaf miners400 ml/feddan14 days
PotatoAphid400 ml/feddan14 days
PotatoJassids400 ml/feddan14 days
Consult the local label/distributor


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